Merseyside Music is committed to helping artists and groups in the North West capture their recordings to the best of our ability, we have a range of services we offer, from something as simple as providing a qualified experienced Sound Engineer at site to help refine and guide Artists, to full production solutions, each tailored to our artists requirements

We live and breath sound and take great pride in our dedication and work, so contact us today to see how we can help you realise your dreams?

News Flash

SE NT1-a vs X1 Review

I was asked to review two Microphones both made by SE, first impressions aren't everything... follow the link to see why

SE X1R MicrophoneSE NT1A Microphone

SE Microphone face off review Link...

Drumit Five in Studio2

We now have a fully featured Electronic Drum Kit in our Studio2, specially selected by our drummers to be as close to an acoustic set as they have experienced

Drumit Five Electronic Drum System Picture

SE Munro 150 Eggs in the Studio

SE Munro Eggs

Expect a full review in our blog section soon...

Log Cabin Completed

picture of log cabin

The Cabin has been completed, Studio 2 is Born!

Click image for more information

Elliots Arrived

picture of elliot intercom units


We just taken delivery of the Elliot units which are made in France for the studio links, these units will allow us to link the mixdown and live studios with 8 individual lines in/out, this will allow us to talk to individual musicians as well customise mixes on each channel